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Afghan Cooks

Great content, plus disciplined SEO, can equal excellent results.

The GTC agency provides wrap-around services for Afghan Cooks. Video editing, website design, SEO consulting, social media marketing, and influencer coaching.

She went from a cooking show dream to being a paid influencer.

Mirriam holding dumplings

1. the brief

Mirriam dreamed of attending culinary school, but as a first-generation immigrant child, it was either engineer, lawyer, or doctor. But, during the pandemic, she started sharing her Afghan recipes. She asked The GTC agency to help her with website design, SEO, and content creation.

2. the plan

Mirriam had the personality for creating content, and we knew her authenticity would woo thousands of followers. We just needed to get her in front of people. Mirriam had no website design experience, digital marketing experience, or video editing experience. That’s where our plan comes in.

Website Design. We created the Afghan Cooks website from the ground up. We wanted a website that focused on Mirriam’s recipes and got those recipes in front of as many people as possible. Easy to navigate and pleasing to users. People compliment her on the website constantly.

Video Shooting and Editing. Not all customers want video editing and shooting, but we offer those services. If you don’t edit your videos with short-attention-span viewers in mind, you will get nowhere fast in this business. Our video-editing services help you grab and maintain attention.

SEO and Digital Marketing. We consult with Mirriam on every recipe. She doesn’t alter her recipes for SEO, but we suggest keywords for recipes people are looking for. No matter the client’s area of business, we will help you find people looking to find things. Our digital marketing packages include constantly reviewing data, tracking competitors, and offering real-world action plans to help you get on the front page of Google.

the meteoric rise in website traffic

3. The result

The results at Afghan Cooks have been nothing short of stunning. Through her hard work, our strategic plan, and her helping us implement the strategic plan, she is now a paid influencer. Look at these statistics below.

Afghan Cooks

The Stats Don’t Lie.

Afghan Cooks has succeeded by every metric used in digital marketing.

You can have the same success if you put in the hard work.


1.5 million

Mirriam’s recipes have been displayed 1.5 million times in Google results.

Monthly Pageviews


Thirty-three thousand monthly page views on the website due to SEO work and website design. By the second quarter of 2023, Mirriam will be able to monetize advertising on her website, bringing in significant income.



Mirriam has 150 front-page Google results for highly searched Afghan food and recipes due to our SEO strategy.

Social Media Explosion


Through a disciplined social media strategy, Mirriam has grown her social media following to 130k across different platforms. She now gets paid for brand partnerships because of this hard work and follow-through.