Kinsta vs GoDaddy – Which Webhost is Better?

Published on February 27, 2022

If you’ve had a website for any period of time, at some point you’ve been hosted by GoDaddy. But, if you are here you probably are looking for something new. This Kinsta vs. GoDaddy breakdown compares pricing, customer service, and features.

The bottom line is that Kinsta will never beat GoDaddy prices (nor would they try to). If you need the absolute cheapest, GoDaddy is your pick. But, hands down the winner in the Kinsta vs GoDaddy battle is Kinsta. As far as an actual product, GoDaddy does not even come close to what Kinsta has to offer.

This is a personal review. I was 100% a GoDaddy customer for a decade. But, after being frustrated with the customer service and wanting a change,  I moved all my websites to Kinsta. I recommend to all of my clients that they move hosting to Kinsta as well. Here’s why.

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Webhost Pricing – GoDaddy Wins Every Time.

If you want the cheapest hosting product this blog post is worthless to you. You can stop now. GoDaddy has grown exponentially through growing its cheap shared webhosting services for businesses all around the world. GoDaddy pricing starts at $8.99 for hosting while the lowest hosting price for Kinsta starts at $30.00 a month.

Now you may say, “Justin I know that you can get GoDaddy hosting for 5.99 a month.” That’s true, but not without a catch.  If you read the fine print in their advertising you have to agree to a 3- year contract AND you are subject to the higher rates once your contract term is over. 

godaddy hosting pricing

I would never price shame anyone. If money is an issue and a $10-15 dollar difference a month will break you, go with GoDaddy. I think you are better off getting a pricier hosting package and, instead of paying someone to write content for you, write your own content. Explore ways to make room for premium hosting in your website budget.

Webhosting Performance – Kinsta Crushes GoDaddy

One of the metrics that Google uses when determining where you rank in Google results is your page speed. That’s straight from the mouths at Google.

Bitcatcha recently tested the 7 of the fastest web hosting services. Kinsta was on the list and GoDaddy was not. Kinsta clocked in at an a blazing global average speed of 179.5 ms. Website Setup recently tested GoDaddy speeds at 480 ms. That puts Kinsta at over two times faster that GoDaddy.

This is objective third-party testing, so you don’t have to take Kinsta’s word for it. But, their own testing shows a far superior speed as well. The below testing results are from Kinsta’s website and show significant speed differences.

In full disclosure, the original reason I switched to Kinsta from GoDaddy was to increase load times. My clients are in competitive markets and since speed is considered by Google, I had to try and find the best for my clients.

Kinsta wins hands down.

Customer Service is a No-Brainer, Kinsta Wins

The final metric we will review in the Kinsta vs GoDaddy Battle is customer service. I can attest to this experience personally as  I was most recently a GoDaddy customer before switching to Kinsta. Here is how it breaks down.

Lightening Fast Response at Kinsta.

The customer service experience at Kinsta has been like no other online customer service I have experienced since I was first cruising the internet in 1996. Not only are the customer service representatives lightening fast (responding within seconds or minutes).

Kinsta Customer Service Doesn’t Try to Force You to FAQ Lists So They Don’t Have to Deal with You.

One of the things I experienced at GoDaddy was the constant attempt by their customer support to try and get your to figure it out yourself. I know that customer service rep time is expensive for corporations but it is exhausting. Plus, it costs you a lot of money if your website is down or suffering significant error. You can’t afford a lot of down time.

Kinsta customer support will ask you a few basic questions about your issue but you are then almost immediately sent to a customer service representative. This is a welcomed experience when you don’t have time to waste trying to get your issue resolved.

Plus, they have personality. While having a customer service chat, and when they can tell you are stressed, a Kinsta representative is likely to send you a GIF to lighten the mood. It always feels like they have your back. Not only does it feel that way, they do. They’ve been there for me  of the time. Below is a screenshot of a recent successful interaction.

Not Only does Kinsta Customer Support Know How to Fix Your Problem, Lots of Times They’ll Do it Themselves.

This last point is probably the most amazing point I can make in the Kinsta vs GoDaddy battle regarding customer service. Kinsta representatives will fix the issue for you. It is wild. You tell them the issue, they go in, they spot it, and then they fix it for you. Usually within in a minute or two.

Admittedly I am on the newer side of SEO and digital marketing. I’ve spent most of my career as a lawyer. I know enough to be dangerous, but I don’t want to screw things up. That’s what makes the $20 extra dollars a month so valuable. Why not pay $20 extra bucks a month so that you can KNOW that your problems will be addressed quickly, competently, and with style?

The Winner of the Kinsta vs GoDaddy Battle Web Hosting Battle.

Kinsta wins in service and product with GoDaddy only taking the prize for cost. And, when you take a look at what you give up for $20 in price difference, it is not worth it.

The Kinsta pricing packages are straight forward. Those can be found here 👇

So if you’re looking for a webhost that will help your website rank better on Google, and provide top-tier customer service to boot, we recommend signing up for Kinsta. You won’t regret it (and you can tell your friends all about how great your site is loading times are). Plus, at only $30/month for their premium plan, it’s an investment that is well worth the price. Speed kills – but with Kinsta, you won’t have to worry about that. What are you waiting for? Click here to buy your Kinsta hosting.

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