Custom Aahu Barah Website, SEO, and Social Media Manager Package

$1,250.00 / month



This package has been custom-created for Aahu Barah to combine our various services into one package:

  • Website Development and Troubleshooting
  • SEO Content Strategy and Analytics
  • Social Media Manager

Separately the firm would charge $2,100 a month for these services. This package is not being made available to any other customer, nor will it be offered at this rate to any customer in the future.

This is a monthly subscription that will be automatically billed each month. However, it is not a contract. You can cancel at no penalty with 30 days’ notice, no questions asked.

Website Development and Trouble Shooting

  • We have already completed the website; this package will guarantee ongoing performance.
  • We will routinely watch the website analytics and correct any issues with logistics that are interfering with online sales.
  • We will adjust shop settings as necessary and offer guidance to Aahu Barah staff that are fulfilling online orders.
  • We will routinely analyze apps to ensure they are all functioning and recommend new apps for purchase that the company believes will enhance sales performance.
  • GTC will relieve pressure from ownership, facilitate a relationship with staff handling the fulfillment, and look for creative solutions to issues without bogging down leadership.

GTC will modify pages based on performance, add new pages, and develop blog content for SEO in connection with SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization

  • GTC will track the performance of the client’s primary competitors in their main fields and look for places to exceed their performance with our SEO experience and tools.
  • GTC will routinely check rankings for all of the client’s products and adjust SEO material to push the client’s products to the first page of Google results.
  • GTC will make a master list of all relevant keywords that match “search intent” for the client’s customer base and work toward ranking all of those keywords in Google.
  • GTC will provide monthly analytics for rankings in key keyword areas.
  • GTC will publish one “blog post” monthly to provide fresh blog content and add content to drive organic search traffic to the website.

Social Media Manager

  • 3 Weekly In-Feed Posts
  • Story Feed Posts
  • Customer Engagement
  • Client-Appropriate
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Custom Graphics
  • One Custom Social Media Advertisement Monthly
  • Monthly Analytics Call


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