YouTube Subscribe Button – How to Embed on Your Website

Published on March 4, 2022

Everyone recognizes the iconic YouTube Subscribe button. If you have a channel, you need to give people every opportunity to click that beautiful red button. Here is a simple way to add a one-click option to for your website.

You’ll see a subscriber jump in no time. We just showed our client Afghan Cooks how to do this and she is putting it in all of her blog posts. 👇

YouTube Subscribe Button

Why Should You Embed a YouTube Subscribe Button on Your Website?

The best way to engage with your website visitors is by providing them handy widgets that will help promote other resources and strengthen relationships across all platforms!

Once you follow the below steps, you can take this code and paste it into your widgets on your website, or into blog posts as part of your CTA (call to action).

The iconic red button draws people in. Look at it.

youtube subscribe button 3

If you have an email marketing list, getting people to sign up for your newsletter is the most important thing. Email addresses are 🥇. If you have a YouTube channel, subscribers are 🥇. Don’t miss any opportunity to scoop up subscribers.

Do you know by far what the two largest search engines in the world are? Well, you probably guessed Google is #1. That’s right. But do you know #2?

The #2 search engine by volume, hands down, is YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube, you should strongly consider it. Reach out to us. We can help.

Sorry, got distracted. Here is how you embed the code. 👇

How to Embed the YouTube Subscribe Button on Your Website

  1. Head on over to Google. Their magic code maker is here.
  2. Enter your YouTube Channel ID (If you need help finding your channel ID, click here)
  3. Select your layout and preference for the button. (Go with “full” so you can have your avatar shown)
  4. Voila. Google makes the magic code for you.
  5. There is a nice little box of code made for you, now copy it.
  6. You can now paste this code anywhere in your website.

If you did it correctly, it’ll look like the screen shot below. As you can see, the Afghan Cooks logo is there, along with the beautiful subscribe box. 😁

YouTube Subscribe Button 2

If you are not web savy, you can have your helpful nerdy website person do it for you. If you would like us to handle it, just contact us. No matter what, if you have a YouTube channel, you should embed your subscribe button.


Bonus Tip: Your YouTube Channel Should Feed Your Website and Vice Versa

Our client, Afghan Cooks, is savvy. Well, tbh, she has our help too. Anyway, we did not want her to become beholden to social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter.

We wanted everything that she did to either drive a person to her website or to her YouTube channel. Social media platforms will own you if they can.

They will train you to post what gets the most likes, the most upvotes, the most retweets. Don’t do that to yourself. It will hamper your creativity. Plus, remember this.

Pain is temporary, pride is forever. No, not that. I saw that on a movie somewhere. Strike that.

No, remember this: put your heart and soul into what you own, not where someone owns you.

Case in point, Feed The Malik, another client, is taking her business from Patreon and doing her own subscription service on her website.

patreon feed the malik

This got a bit far afield but the moral of the story is don’t rely on social media.

Also, put your YouTube Subscribe button on your website. I can guarantee you there will be more subscribers coming your way.